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Keri Smith and blogging

 Blogging…isn't what it use to be…read on...

One of the reasons I do not write much here anymore, (well in fact there are many reasons), is that I became tired of cranky comments and trolls. I have no interest in constantly defending my work and my every word, I have no time or energy for that. As my work has increased in popularity, so have the critiques. Which is completely expected, and I am grateful for those who do value what I do. I hear from a lot of you and I apologize that I cannot write you all back. Please know that I read and am grateful for every word! I am devoting as much time and energy as I can into my family and my work and I find there is not much energy leftover for this space. —Keri Smith blog post October 4th

I took a year off from blogging to do other things, tried to return here recently but, quite honestly, I don't want to blog. I love the mirco-blogging that is happening on the internet right now. Sharing in a more image based way is far more rewarding and forgiving. So until the time I return I will leave this little ole blog up cuz I have been told folks like to look at from time to time. You can always find me floating somewhere on the Web, always searching for the end of it. 


bloggin' begins again

Been working hard getting my little ole part of cyber space back together again. I dissected it last winter and a huge job came up — BAM I never did quite make it back. It is a slow process when you know you have a very organized approach you want to take. I will be adding more work and purging work I just don't care for any more. I think it is import to see where you have come from but more important to show that work. We all grow and change.

You can see that I have added new social media locations but haven't added things to them or updated old ones in awhile. I know they are there and have used them…I don't believe in deadends but will be using them for teaching and learning so I leave them be. 

Oh Blooming Buckets is a personal project I am being to flesh out and hope I have the time to really visit it but for now what you'll find it is the etc. $h!t I do. Sketches, lettering, teaching with play doh, etc. 

Way too many ideas and too little time. But the heart wants what the heart wants and I want to make stuff.


Hello you wonderful people!

Ad229 classes {sophomores}::

For your final design project presentations please have all of your research/subject info., sketches and comps scanned into the computer along with your images, color scheme, and text file so we can make one swift run-through of all the materials. Please be prepared with the how, what, and why you are presenting this subject. Practice presenting the information and remember we all know how to make a pdf...hint hint. (interactive to follow so don't concern yourself with that)

Once the presentations are completed and you have received feedback from your fellow classmates I will come around to look at the hard copy sketches and comps for more one on one, if needed.

We will address interactive pdf's the following week so please make sure you have the last version of your type matters booklet.

Il410 classes {seniors}:: (pdf of the form we will use)

This Wednesdays class will be held on the third floor Crane at 6:45 for a portfolio social. For those who have evening classes please make arrangements accordingly. You will also be missing class on April 24th for Directions, please keep that in mind as you communicate with your other instructors). If any instructor needs to speak with me just let me know how I can help.

Now what does the portfolio social mean to you? You will be split into two groups: one group sets their work out and group two reviews. Around 8:15 we do a switcharoo. For those who have class this might be a good time to leave or arrive—Prior arrangements need to be made for this to happen, do not assume you can just do it.

At the end of the evening you will submit your finals to me. I will have a container for you to place the final projects envelop with all the files in it as you leave. PLEASE make sure that the electronic files have been placed on Orion per the rubric/outline prior to our 6:45 gathering.

In our next class we will discuss our results and look at our portfolio layouts. Please continue to update your websites and online presences.


Ready, set, go...

Enjoy these last few hours of break. 


Awesome and terrific and fantastic opportunity!

Here is the pdf

but in a nutshell you have been invited to provide art for the new cooperate offices for Target. Yes the deadline is tight (as usual) and of course comes too near Spring Break, but since this likely involves existing work you should definitely apply!

If you have any questions let me know.

A moment to be serious

Please indulge me as I say to each and everyone of you with the utmost respect but it is something that needs said:

Your type skills stink.

Assessment showed me that much. Sometimes you get it and then the next moment you do not. There is a direct relationship between the target audience, the brand, and the use of type. You're not making the connection.

You are not doing yourself any favors not researching, printing examples of type & design you like, reading what makes a good type layout and APPLYING THE RULES OF TYPOGRAPHY.

If you have forgotten here are some good resources:

Making and Breaking the Grid by Timothy Samara

The Mac is not a Typewriter by Robin Williams

Thinking with Type by Ellen Lupton

Communication Arts




Use the resources that are right in your lap to archive the world of Design—Tumblr, Pinterest, a blog, your computer's iphoto app.

Chalk created but still controls the page and the type usage.


I truly care about your future in design and no matter what your major is... it is not an excuse to use the wrong design skills, rules, or knowledge. The biggest layout you will have to do is your own brand collertal...12 point type on your resumé for the body copy? Or a poor selection of a font that falls into the background color? Well, that just says you're not taking this education seriously. Remember there is someone else out there that will use the correct rules of design and typography...

Sincerely and respectfully,




Liberal Arts Assessment info

"We are in the process of switching over to digital portfolios of LA work, so for this year the students only need to bring themselves. It will consist of an information session on how they need to set up their portfolio and what type of material they will need to populate it with." —Jeannine Kraft

Student Assessment

Here is a PDF for you to read about Student Assessments. They are March 5 and 6th. There are no day time classes but there are evening ones.

Treat this as a professional review and you will gain so much from it. Dress nice, arrive early, and ask questions.


Winter Blues

Is it just to much to ask to have a ton of snow or just a boat load of SUNSHINE? Please make your mind up and to say nothing that today is the most depressing day of the year...literally.

Check this out, this is definitely someone taking advantage of the cold.


And this is just plain beautiful:

Shall we go?

Submitting finals

Ad229 please make sure your final designs are placed on to Orion. Tag your final Check Orion's dropbox if you would like or ask me to!


Everyone have a wonderful and safe holiday break!


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